Art Submission Guidelines

Please submit a maximum of 5 (five) high-resolution PDF, JPG, GIF or PNG files - at least 1 Mb in file size, no less than 2000 pixels in the shortest dimension, no greater than 8 MB. This ensures that the detail in your work can be seen and will show well to the adjudication committee. For PDF files, your file should have only 1 image per page (total pages = total images). Label each image with your full name, title, medium, size and date.

When naming your files, please follow the pattern below to ensure that the correct image corresponds with the artwork, and the art is matched with the correct artist:
1 YourLastName YourFirstName title date;
2 YourLastName YourFirstName title date, etc.;

Multiple images of the same artwork should be labelled and numbered as follows:
1a YourLastName YourFirstName title date;
2b YourLastName YourFirstName title date, etc.;

Below are some tips for capturing your work. Ensure that your artwork is:

  • In focus
  • Shot with adequate light
  • Shot with the correct white balance for your lighting conditions
  • Centred in the frame, focused in as close as possible with the art filling the frame
  • Against a plain neutral background without ay visual distractions
  • Captured so that it gives a reasonably accurate impression of the colour, texture, and shape of the artwork

*If you have any questions regarding the application form, please email to

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