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& Cultural Foundation
The Leduc Performing Arts & Cultural Foundation encourages the creation and participation in the arts for the citizens of Leduc and Leduc County through their support of scholarships and local fundraising initiatives.

Leduc Performing Arts & Cultural Foundation, was created as a lasting legacy of Florence Mackenzie, a dedicated teacher of the Black Gold School Division, to support scholarships and awards, to performing arts students in City of Leduc and Leduc County.

Donations have also been received from community supporters of Performing Arts and Culture in Leduc, to augment this legacy fund. If you wish to contribute to the ongoing work of the foundation, a charitable donation receipt will be issued for all donations over $25.

Applications are now being accepted

Scholarship and Award applications are now available, for 2023, from the Leduc Performing Arts & Cultural Foundation, deadline for submission is June 9, 2023.



Kiara Krogsgaard
2019 - LPACF Media Electronic Arts Scholarship Recipient

"Thank you kindly! I was overjoyed when I received the scholarship, and couldn't thank you enough for helping me with my education this year!"

Gaven Flewelling
2019 - LPACF Music Scholarship Recipient

"Thank you for the scholarship and the opportunity to perform"

Anna Pollard
2018 - LPACF Music Arts Award Recipient

"I am very happy to be able to receive this award and put it towards my future musical endeavors as I attend the UofA. Thank you to the members of the committee for the continued support of young musicians in Leduc."

Katjana Bruinsma
2017 - LPACF Performing Arts Award Recipient

"Thank you very much for recognizing Katjana as a recipient of performing arts award. She chose to use the funds to attend a summer. Highland Dance Camp; it was an incredible experience nd valuable learning for the coming year as well."

Teena Van Boom
Leduc Music Teacher

"I am so thankful to your organization in its support of our youth. Keep up the good work."

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